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Child Abuse


Youth organizations are designed to guide and teach young people in order for them to become outstanding citizens and responsible community members. Unfortunately, some organizations have had instances of sexual assault and abuse that have tarnished the reputation of these youth groups. Our child injury lawyers investigate these organizations’ quiet harboring of child sexual abusers and confront this misconduct on behalf of our clients, working to prevent future abuse and to penalize offenders for the harm they have done to your child.

Frequently, these youth organizations are concerned with their image, and allegations are not adequately investigated or entirely reported. Boy Scouts of America listed volunteers ineligible for volunteering due to legal status and alleged behavior that only began surfacing in the early 1990’s, after lawsuits and newspaper articles uncovered the files (John Doe vs. Allen Trueman, Forty Niner Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America, et al., 1992). In instances like these, it is necessary to get experienced representation from a lawyer who can produce the desired outcome. Here at Lanzone Morgan, we are aware of the shame and fear that comes with reporting the behavior of sexual offenders, especially when the victim is in a position of less power. We uphold standards of confidentiality and work to protect your family’s best interests.

We will conduct a comprehensive examination of the practices of the organization and how the instance occurred. We hope to obtain justice for your child through the form of compensation and civil lawsuits that hold the institution responsible for its negligence. Our lawyers are experienced in these cases and are devoted to conducting thorough investigations.

Child Abuse in Sports

The recent incidents of child sexual abuse taking place within institutions and between coaches and their mentees has caused widespread concern. Young athletes should have protection from sexual predators that find their way to coaching positions at both high school and college levels. It is important for our attorneys to address that both environmental factors and delays in disclosure contribute to the proliferation of child sexual abuse. The occurrence of abuse in these settings is not an entirely new phenomenon, but parents and others entrusted with the role of protecting children from harm are typically reluctant to suspect trusted institutions.

Sports teams are supposed to build discipline, teamwork, and moral character in children. Sports are valued in American society, and often are allowed to operate in isolation, away from the public eye. Behaviors that are otherwise considered unacceptable, like using derogatory language towards a child, are considered accepted practices in many competitive sports teams. In an environment where boundaries seem fluid, inappropriate sexual behavior may occur. At Lanzone Morgan, LLP, we investigate instances of coaches abusing children and determine how to prevent such behavior in the future.

If you or someone you care about has been a victim of any form of abuse within youth sports, our child injury lawyers can help to build a case, take action, and get you financial compensation. We respect the confidentiality of minors involved in sexual abuse, physical abuse, molestation, and verbal abuse cases. We will use discretion when dealing with these minors so they do not incur any further psychological trauma. Call Lanzone Morgan at 1-888-887-9777 for a confidential, free initial consultation.

Abuse from Coaches

Coaches can engage in abusive or harassing behavior in an effort to motivate their team. In some cases, this abusive behavior can cause emotional distress and psychological trauma. If the coach has had a negative impact on your child, chances are he has done or will do the same to countless others. Usually, the coach is someone your child respects or admires, and speaking up can be a difficult process.

Behaviors that are otherwise considered unacceptable, like using derogatory language towards a child, are considered accepted practices in many competitive sports teams, even though they very well may not be. In an environment where boundaries seem fluid, inappropriate behavior may occur. If the coach abuses the child in front of other teammates, the psychological impact can be great. It is not only important to give your child emotional support, but also to speak up and take action so as to prevent other children from suffering what your child had to endure. You may be entitled to claim compensation for the child’s emotional sufferings.

In some cases, coaches not only verbally abuse their students, but also physically abuse or sexually molest them. If a coach has been physically abusive or committed a criminal act, we will seek compensation and justice for your child. We promise to undertake a thorough investigation while remaining discreet and sensitive of your child’s trauma. It is important to seek legal help. If you know a child who has been abused by a coach, contact Lanzone Morgan, LLP to discuss your options at 1-888-887-9777 for a free consultation.

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