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Child Injuries Attorneys

Child Injuries Attorneys

When a child suffers a serious injury, they may have to live with the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that accompany it for a lifetime. In order to take measures to restore the health of your child, Lanzone Morgan, LLP inquires as to how to injury occurred and who can be held accountable. If an injury occurred because of negligence on the part of an institution or individual, we take a comprehensive approach to seeking full compensation.

We understand that injuries have long lasting impacts on children, so we work with medical experts and injury specialists to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of how the injury will further impact your child. This will help us to obtain the compensation you need to cover future medical costs, pain and suffering, and assistive medical equipment.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

More formally known as Non Accidental Head Injury, Shaken Baby Syndrome is a triad of medical problems, including subdural hematoma, retinal bleeding, and brain swelling, all of which infer child abuse. It is often fatal and can cause severe brain damage and cognitive, visual, and motor impairments. Instances of Shaken Baby Syndrome can be considerable evidence of significant abuse or aggression, and cases can be made against those responsible.

At Lanzone Morgan, LLP we pursue full compensation for children who have suffered from severe shaken baby syndrome. We investigate the case fully and determine who was responsible for this damaging act. Often, there is no other explanation for these injuries other than the baby being violently abused and shaken by an adult figure.

Those who do undergo shaken baby syndrome are often in need of medical care, attendant care, special education assistance, and other expensive support. We work with experts in medicine, physical therapy, and child development to assess the full range of your child’s potential needs. We pursue claims against any negligent party, including individuals, day care centers, schools, foster homes, child care facilities, and hospitals.

To schedule a free consultation about your child’s shaken baby injuries, call our office at 1-888-887-9777. In your consultation, we will discuss any of the experiences and situations that have led to the injury as well as your legal rights, responsibilities, and objectives as to how to approach the case.

Dog Bites

Many children have a natural love for dogs, and their inexperience with vicious animals causes them to trust any dog they come into contact with. When they are attacked by a dog, they can suffer traumatic emotional and physical injuries that they may never recover from. In many cases, permanent disfigurement and scarring can cause insecurity or anger that will last a lifetime. Victims like these are entitled to benefits and financial compensation.

If a dog shows signs of aggression, it should be muzzled or kept away from others so as not to harm them. All animal control laws, leash laws, anti-trespassing laws, and anti-running laws should be abided by. A majority of dog bite victims are children younger than 12, and personal injury claims can be made when a child is exposed to this kind of trauma. Attorneys at Lanzone Morgan, LLP can negotiate substantial settlements with insurance companies, take depositions of witnesses, and quickly obtain a settlement. We seek full compensation for medical care, emotional suffering, and physical hardship.

Owners of dogs are strictly liable for the behavior of their dogs and any injuries they may cause. It is their responsibility to maintain control of the dog at all times, even if they were not aware that the dog had violent tendencies. Whether or not the dog was provoked, compensation is possible.

Wrongful death

The loss of a child is never expected. The potential successes or achievements of a child, whose life has only just begun, are cut short. This can have a devastating impact on the child’s family and friends. If the loss was caused by the negligence of another person or company, the responsible parties should be held responsible. Legal recourse after such a devastating event may not seem like an immediate priority, but consultation with a personal injury lawyer is imperative in this situation.

The death of a loved one is taxing, both emotionally and financially. Money will never make up for the void in your life caused by the death of your child, but those responsible for the death should be held accountable and prevented from continuing their negligent behavior. If anything, they should be stopped from causing the same anguish to other families with young ones. It is our hope that our attorneys will help to create a safer environment for children by prosecuting those who propagate this dangerous atmosphere.

We represent parents in a range of cases, from accidents to negligence. Our attorneys are very familiar with the California wrongful death law and will do anything to help your family to recover and move on from this tragedy. We hope to not only handle your legal issues, but also to minimize the chances of other families being victimized in the same way.

Under California law, a wrongful death lawsuit has to be filed within two years of the date of death. It is important to seek help early to ensure that all parties can be held accountable. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation about your potential wrongful death claim with a member of our legal team. You can reach our office by phone at 1-888-887-9777.


The harmful effects of bullying cannot be overstated. In extreme cases, victims may face severe beating, physical anguish, and emotional torment. Some turn to suicide, as they feel like they have no option left. Lanzone Morgan hopes to combat bullying and peer abuse by helping to prevent it before students feel trapped. Bullying is neither inevitable nor a rite of passage, and the accompanying emotional and psychological trauma should be prevented at all costs.

We work to hold students, teachers, schools, administrators, and school districts accountable for the mistreatment of the youth they should be helping to protect. Bullying should not feel inescapable, and we hope to spread awareness of this issue so it ceases.

Bullying is no longer limited to social exchanges in person. The pervasiveness of social media in today’s society has had enormous effects on the younger population, resulting in destructive behavior that may seem inescapable. Cyberbullying allows abusers to reach their victims even within their own homes, giving them no reprieve. The elusive nature of cyberbullying compounds the difficulty of trying to identify and halt the behavior.

Cyberbullying can include, but is not limited to: • Blackmail or threats of violence to people or property • Coercion • Cyberstalking • Obscene or harassing phone calls, text messages, instant messages, or e-mails • Sexual exploitation or photography of someone in a private location

Both parents and school staff should intervene when bullying becomes apparent. It is difficult for schools to determine if they have authority over cyberbullying that occurs both in and out of school. If they do not uphold their anti-bullying policies, both the school and the students responsible for the bullying should be held accountable for their violation of these policies. Both the bullies and the school who did nothing to intervene may incur financial penalties through the civil justice system.

Cyberbullying can have a huge effect on victims. It can undermine the school climate, interfere with functioning both in and out of school, and put students at risk, both physically and mentally. The attorneys at Lanzone Morgan LLP represent children who have been bullied both online and in school. To stop this behavior from occurring, get legal help today. Contact us at 1-888-887-9777 to schedule a free consultation.

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