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Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Foster Care Abuse Attorneys

It is estimated that nearly one-quarter of the United States population have been victims of child sexual abuse. Due to increases in the rates at which sexual abuse has been reported over the past few decades, actions need to be taken in order to prevent this type of behavior. Sexual abuse should never be permitted, especially in environments that are designed to protect children, like youth groups, sports teams, and religious institutions.

Our child sexual abuse attorneys are dedicated to providing confidential, reliable, and experienced representation in your case. We work to bring these sexual charges to light to prevent future abuse and to hold offenders responsible for the harm they have caused your children and others.

Child Abuse in Religious Organizations

Over the last several years much attention in the press has been directed at revelations that priests and other figures from various religious communities were involved in perpetrating child sexual abuse. These revelations are invariably shocking to the public and raise concerns for the safety of our children in organizations with entirely different, if not opposite, aims. When religious institutions attempt to conceal sexual misconduct by obscuring evidence, quieting witnesses, and shifting around positions within the organization, we take action to defend our clients. We make sure that these individuals and their accompanying organizations are held accountable for this misconduct in federal court.

Abuse and religious organizations should not be associated, and those who do commit this terrible act should be removed from their position and prevented from future opportunities to do so again. Our child sexual abuse lawyers respect the privacy of the children involved and work to address and denounce the behavior of the individuals while remaining sensitive about the issue at hand. In an effort to get your child financial compensation and peace of mind, we investigate thoroughly and make sure every detail is accounted for. The emotional damage done to a child who is victimized by a member of a religious institution can impact them for the rest of their lives. We want your child to be able to move on from such a tragedy, but that often isn’t possible unless the perpetrator is held responsible for their sexual misconduct.

Take action in your case by contacting a trusted legal representative who can provide insight and understanding while protecting your rights. Contact an experienced attorney at our firm by first calling our office at 1-888-887-9777 for a confidential, free initial consultation.

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