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School Abuse Attorneys

School Abuse Attorneys

The typical American student will spend nearly 15,000 hours in the school context before graduating high school. Given the amount of time teachers spend with children, they can play a strategic role in efforts to prevent and intervene in child and adolescent maltreatment. They should be trained to swiftly respond to instances of suspected abuse, as it is an extremely prevalent problem, with approximately 2,400 children found victims of child abuse each day (Prevent Child Abuse America). If teachers or school personnel do not respond to knowledge of physical or sexual abuse, they could face significant civil liability.

Educational settings are often the last place that parents would imagine abuse to occur. Adults working in education should do so out of a genuine compassion for the students they work with. When this established trust is broken, however, action needs to be taken. In situations where teachers are found to be harassing or molesting a student, we work to hold the guilty parties accountable for these inappropriate actions. Oftentimes, these are very delicate issues that require confidentiality and attention. Lanzone Morgan, LLP knows how to properly investigate and handle any legal challenges that arise. Sexual Abuse in School

All school employees are required to report any incidences of suspected child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment that they are aware of. Failure to disclose this suspected abuse is a misdemeanor, but these issues often go unreported. Professionals in the field provide three possible explanations of why the issue of adolescent maltreatment often is ignored (DeVoe & Faller).

1.) Fear of the abuser 2.) Fear of negative reactions from others 3.) Fear that no one will believe them

These qualms, paired with a lack of awareness about abuse and the proper responses necessary, are what cause a high number of cases to go unreported. Those who do speak up often take their reports to school principals and administrators, who do not pass the information to police or Child Protection Agencies. Lanzone Morgan, LLP wants to reverse this by providing a safe environment to disclose this information. Our lawyers will represent those in cases of teachers, coaches, or administrators molesting children.

Our lawyers are committed to upholding the rights of children and obtaining fair compensation for victims of any sexual abuse. We pursue civil liability cases against schools, youth organizations, and other programs to hold them responsible for their actions or to address their failure to properly care for these children.

School and Day Care Injuries

Parents place their trust in institutions to keep their children safe. When children suffer serious injuries at school or during a school activity, financial damages can be recovered to pay for medical bills and other costs. We can investigate the details of the incident and determine if the injury was foreseeable and able to be prevented by the school, making the school negligent. If so, they can be proven liable for your child’s injuries.

Day care facilities also are also expected to provide a safe environment in which parents can feel comfortable leaving their children unattended. However, some facilities do not provide this environment due to negligent supervision, improper playground maintenance, or abuse. If abuse is present, both civil liability and criminal charges can be made. Financial compensation can be provided for medical bills, physical rehabilitation, or counseling.

If your child was injured on dangerous playground equipment, not given necessary medication, or was not supervised or given proper care, the school or day care facility can be held responsible and compensation can be provided. Our lawyers understand that the negligence of these institutions can cause traumatic injuries with far-reaching physical or emotional consequences. If the school could have prevented the injury and the accompanying medical costs, Lanzone Morgan, LLP will help to get you the compensation you deserve.


Hazing should not be considered a time-honored practice, and although is very common on California college campuses, high schools, sports teams, and social clubs within the community, it is a tradition that must die. The rituals and activities performed in order to gain entrance into a particular club or social group can cause humiliation, abuse, and injury. These acts can be illegal and even sexual in nature, resulting in emotional, physical, and psychological harm or leaving the participant feeling victimized. If hazing leads to serious injuries or psychological harm, a personal injury attorney at Lanzone Morgan, LLP can help to charge individuals accused of causing this damage.

Those guilty of hazing can face significant charges. A personal injury firm can determine if an institution, another student, a coach or teacher, a fraternity or sorority, or a third party is liable for the incident. If you or a loved one has been injured due to hazing, those who are responsible should be held accountable.

Contact Lanzone Morgan, LLP online or call our office at 1-888-887-9777 to speak with one of our lawyers who will discuss your case with you. In your consultation, we will discuss any of the experiences and situations that have led to the injury as well as your legal rights, responsibilities, and objectives as to how to approach the case.

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