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Client Testimonials


“My attorney, Kathryn Salmond at Lanzone Morgan, exceeded my expectations. Throughout the process, I felt as though I was her only client and that my needs were always catered to in good time. I truly believed my uncle and I had the best representation in our corner. The billing was reasonable and fair. The work on my end was minimal. It’s obvious she can handle herself in a courtroom as well. Working with geriatrics is my passion and it’s good to know people like the attorneys at Lanzone Morgan and their team are there to hold facilities and individuals accountable for the care and treatment of our seniors. The newspaper article in their lobby proves just that. Thank you again for your dedication and compassion. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes that reminds me of why I do what I do every day:”

“I will fight with you, I will remember for you, I will advocate because of you, and I will one day honor the memory of you, always, until the sun will rise over a day without Alzheimer’s or dementia.” Mara Botonis, “When Caring Takes Courage”

– Travis L.

“We were in extremely capable hands. Lanzone Morgan did an extraordinary job. The attorneys handling our case demonstrated passion for what they did and always kept an exceedingly positive attitude despite working on a very tough and emotional case. The attorneys were always appropriately candid and direct about what to expect and potential outcomes and scenarios, and yet the compassion for the family was always evident. We felt that they cared for each of us, for our Grandma, and about the case on a very personal level. They were always there to support us through each step of the process and to let us know what to expect in depositions, mediation, and more. The attorneys were competent and were on top of every tiny detail and aspect of our case; they knew it backwards and forwards. They did a phenomenal job of responding to everyone’s questions and being there to support the whole family. We were impressed with Lanzone Morgan.”

– Erica M., Los Angeles

“I hired another law firm to work on my case and paid them a lot of money. They dragged the case out and were not able to achieve a settlement or a favorable result. I fired that law firm and took my case to the law office of Lanzone Morgan. Mr. Morgan met with me right away, figured out what I needed, and got on top of the case. He worked hard and achieved a favorable result within a few months. I wish I had taken my case to Lanzone Morgan in the first place. It would have saved a lot of trouble, expense, and years of litigation. I highly recommend starting your case with Lanzone Morgan. I appreciate them for their experience and hard work.”

Paul, Los Angeles

Client Testimonial

“I suffered a fall and fractured femur after the staff would not answer my call light.  Lanzone Morgan, LLP took my case and helped me obtain a successful settlement.”

— Gloria, Los Angeles

Lanzone Morgan is the best law firm I have ever dealt with. They took a case no one else would take and helped me get a good settlement! They made my horrible ordeal a comforting and pleasant experience! I recommend this law firm highly … the best of the best. Trust me, if you need a lawyer, these folks are it! Thank you Jim Morgan and associates. I will forever recommend you.
— Tina, Orange County

“My mother received very poor care at a hospital and a nursing home. They did not give her enough food or water, and she became malnourished and dehydrated. Then she developed many pressure sores. I believed that the abuse and neglect of the staff at both the hospital and the nursing home caused my mother’s suffering and death. I trusted my case with James Morgan. He helped me through my deposition and through the whole case. He was able to work my case and command a very favorable settlement against both the nursing home and the hospital. I hope that by bringing this case, the hospital and nursing home get the message that they will not be allowed to get away with neglecting elderly people.”
C.P, Los Angeles

“I lost the dearest person in my life, my Grandmother, due to nursing home neglect. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have experienced in my life. I contacted other attorneys who said they could not help me, not even giving me the time to explain. I did not give up. I contacted Lanzone Morgan, and that was the day my life changed. They listened to me. They cared for me and fought for me. Finally I found someone to take on the nursing home for me and my grandmother. They took the time to make sure the nursing home did not get away with neglecting my loved one. Thank you Lanzone Morgan for everything you have done and bringing closure to my family. God has blessed us with people like you who care about what happens to our senior citizens and the way that they are treated in a place where we trust them to care about what is sacred to our hearts … family. Thank you.”
Lisa, Los Angeles

My 33 year old adult son AJ who is permanently disabled due to a premature birth was living in a community living home where he was not receiving good care. The care provider had been servicing my son for over four years and the level of care continued to decline each year. After years of addressing the issues with the care provider and no improvement with the care level, I had no other options and I contacted Lanzone Morgan. With Lanzone Morgan’s expertice and prompt intervention, my son was able to quickly transition in to another community home that is providing excellent care. My son’s quality of life has been greatly improved and I now have peace of mind. Had I not gotten Lanzone Morgan involved this would have had a very different outcome.

— Brenda, Las Vegas

“My mother was neglected at a nursing home. I knew that they neglected her, but they denied it. I also knew that other people were neglected at that same nursing home. I found attorney James Morgan, and he helped me hold the nursing home responsible for their conduct. When we complained to the nursing home, they just ignored us. We did not get any response until attorney Morgan got on the case. My family and I thank attorney Morgan for doing a great job on our case and not letting the nursing home get away with neglecting our mother.”
J.B, Orange County

“My husband died unexpectedly in a tragic accident while he was traveling for work in California. My daughter and I were devastated and did not know what to do. We trusted attorney James Morgan to handle our case. Mr. Morgan believed in our case. He knew that my husband’s death was avoidable and should not have happened, and he proved it. Mr. Morgan worked very hard on our case. He kept me informed, and he helped us through every step of the case. Mr. Morgan’s hard work helped us settle the case in the early stages, and he protected us from the stress of a long, drawn out trial. Even after the case settled, Mr. Morgan continued to check on me to make sure that my daughter and I were doing all right. Mr. Morgan cares about his clients and cares about the cases he works on. I greatly appreciate Mr. Morgan handling our case for us and helping us during this difficult time in our lives. I will forever be grateful for Mr. Morgan’s help and most of all for his kind heart.”
D.B, Florida

“My mother went into the hospital in March of 2007 complaining of numbness in her legs. Within a week she had a pressure sore on her tail bone that had become black with dead muscle tissue. She had not been taken out of bed once during these seven days. She had not been fed or cared for on a regular basis as well as not tests or diagnosis performed on her. Within 3 months, my mother developed M.R.S.A. and was dehydrated as well as malnourished. My mother was left to feed herself but was not able to due to not being able to think clearly because of the severe infections she had acquired, leaving my brother and myself to come in on regular shifts and feed her ourselves. As a result of negligence and irresponsibility on the part of the hospital and doctors, my mother passed away on June 19th of the same year. We were referred to Mr. Morgan in July of that year and were very impressed with his mannerism and his ability to make us feel very relaxed and comfortable. He was able to bring resolve to the loss of our mother due to the incompetence of the people that were supposed to be responsible for her care and well being. We feel that Mr. Morgan handled this case in a very professional and timely manner. Without him, this would not have been possible.”
Yvonne M, Fresno

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